A Little Fan Service

I've been a busy little shutter bug over the past two months, even taking time to break out my grease paints to clown around. My photography is improving with each shoot, and with a generous gift from an admirer I have purchased a little light set which has been a game changer. Now that I … Continue reading A Little Fan Service


Catching Up

I admit I have been neglecting the blog lately. I find myself wound up tight in writing 7-day activity ebooks, fighting the urge to run off on the many tangents that beckon to me as I write. I was not prepared for this aspect of ┬áthis writing venture, but I have been able to turn … Continue reading Catching Up

Working With What I Have

I've always had my hands in multiple proverbial, and sometimes actual, pots. An avid self-learner in the realm of BDSM and other arts, I've found myself studying in every spare moment I could find to expand my skillsets. Often one or more parts of the Time-Money-Energy-Transportation Equation just isn't adding up to be able to … Continue reading Working With What I Have