(Not Yet) In The Flesh

Many of my admirers and devotees, past and present, are dying to know when I will open a dungeon again and accept real time session requests. I'm beginning to feel like the love child of a broken record and the magic 8-Ball answer "unclear, ask later." answering¬† individual inquiry after inquiry, when I don't have … Continue reading (Not Yet) In The Flesh


Thrill Seeking

Watching a playmate¬†practically vibrating with anticipation is delicious. The fear and desire radiates off them, paralyzing them at times. Some may be resistant, clinging to the momentary paralysis of anticipation to grasp at any last shred of control they may have before I speak my first order. Experienced players try on masks to cope with … Continue reading Thrill Seeking

Once You Go Clown…

With admiration for professional and amateur clowns who take pride in providing public entertainment and upholding the good name of clowns as performance artists, I want to share my feelings on clown kinks, clowning and my clown personas, acknowledging the distinct difference between playful past-times and the public figures that come to mind when we … Continue reading Once You Go Clown…