Links to sexual education, bloggers I admire, sex worker rights and outreach organizations, Causes I care about, books I’ve found helpful and more coming soon.

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Sex Worker Outreach and Activism:

If you know of or are involved with a sex worker led outreach or activist group and would like to be listed, feel free to contact me. I will not post anti-sexwork orgs.


SWOP: Sex Workers Outreach Project – U.S. national outreach organization by sex workers for sex workers. Links to state by state chapters available through the main site.

SWOP Behind Bars – SWOP affiliated outreach for incarcerated sex workers including book donation and “mentor-by-mail” program. Consider purchasing books from their Amazon wishlist.

ESPLERP – Sex Workers and Erotic Service Provider Legal, Educational and Research Project, a 501(c) 3 nonprofit organization in California.

COYOTE – Sex Worker rights and outreach, founded in 1973.

Project SAFE – Philly – Philedelphia volunteer based sex work outreach organization with a focus on harm reduction practices. Direct quote from their site “Established in Philadelphia in 2004, Project SAFE is an all-volunteer grassroots organization providing advocacy and support for women working in street economies.”

PNW CAKES – Pacific Northwest based Community Advocacy Knowledge Education for and by Sex  Workers. Organizers are currently accepting and training volunteers for their peer led and operated nationwide sex worker rape and assault hotline/chatline service.

Rate That Rescue: A sexwork community resource where you can find and share information on sex worker rescue and outreach organizations, advertising and screening services.

Other Blogs By Sex Workers:

If you are a sex worker with a blog that you would like listed, feel free to contact me through my social media.

Tits and Sass – “By and About Sex Workers”, Tits and Sass features articles on sex workers lived experiences, political views and opinion on the representation of sex workers and impact of past and present sex work in pop culture.

Red Umbrella Babies – Highlighting the intersection of parenting and sex work with a platform for sex workers to write about their own experiences and feelings of parenthood.

The Honest Courtesan by  Seattle sex worker and activist Maggie McNeill. She blogs on a wide range of topics backed by excellent research and sources.

Sexual Health/ Healthcare, Product Reviews and General Sexual Education:

RAD Remedy – RAD Remedy is dedicated to connecting trans, gender non-conforming, intersex, and queer folks to accurate, safe, respectful, and comprehensive care.

Scarlet Teen – Sex education geared towards teens and young adults with limited community resources for inclusive, comprehensive, up to date sexual health and relationship information.

The Lorax Of Sex – Sexual health, education, and sex utensil/ product reviews.

Oh Joy Sex Toy – Sexual health, education, lifestyle posts and sex utensil/ product reviews in comic format by artist Erika Moen.


Other Interests:

Clowns Without Borders International – A volunteer-run organization of humanitarian clowns. “CWBI chapters share a common mission: to offer joy and laughter to relieve the suffering of all persons, especially children, who live in areas of crisis including refugee camps, conflict zones and territories in situations of emergency.”

APOPO – A  Non- Profit organization training Giant Pouched Rats for use in landmine detection and early, efficient Tuberculosis detection in developing countries.

“APOPO remains present in Mozambique after the 2015 Mine-Free Announcement by carrying out residual tasks such as the detection and clearance of explosive material at the Malhazine site in Maputo.”

Problem Glyphs – Magical art by Seattle Artist Eliza Gauger. Problem glyphs is an ongoing project, drawing sigils in response to problem requests received.



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