When Words Fail Me

Writing can be cyclical for me, when I feel energized or otherwise motivated it can seem that words flow generously and with ease. The flow inevitably becomes exhausted when I've expressed a deluge of thoughts and arranged them in a way that makes sense. I become impatient with the ebbing tide of inspiration. Sometimes I try … Continue reading When Words Fail Me


Thrill Seeking

Watching a playmate practically vibrating with anticipation is delicious. The fear and desire radiates off them, paralyzing them at times. Some may be resistant, clinging to the momentary paralysis of anticipation to grasp at any last shred of control they may have before I speak my first order. Experienced players try on masks to cope with … Continue reading Thrill Seeking

Working With What I Have

I've always had my hands in multiple proverbial, and sometimes actual, pots. An avid self-learner in the realm of BDSM and other arts, I've found myself studying in every spare moment I could find to expand my skillsets. Often one or more parts of the Time-Money-Energy-Transportation Equation just isn't adding up to be able to … Continue reading Working With What I Have

December 17th

One summer in my teens I was hiking with my father on the Jardine Juniper Trail in Utah. Our conversation had shifted from river rafting to my favorite episodes of Unsolved Mysteries when my dad brought up The Green River Killer, the moniker of Gary Ridgeway, the serial killer I had heard of on the news … Continue reading December 17th