To See Where I’m Going

  I've been sharing memories and other tidbits for a while now and if it seems a bit muddled, it's because I have been muddled too. I have been wanting to get back in the pro domination saddle since checking out of my last round of physical therapy, but fear is holding me back. I'm afraid … Continue reading To See Where I’m Going



A few years ago, I saw a cruiser bicycle crusted in yellow house paint chained to the fence of a consignment shop in Portland, marked as a new arrival. Usually I shop around and bite my nails over choices before making a purchase, this however was love at first sight. A few questions and $20 … Continue reading Lulu

When Words Fail Me

Writing can be cyclical for me, when I feel energized or otherwise motivated it can seem that words flow generously and with ease. The flow inevitably becomes exhausted when I've expressed a deluge of thoughts and arranged them in a way that makes sense. I become impatient with the ebbing tide of inspiration. Sometimes I try … Continue reading When Words Fail Me

Thrill Seeking

Watching a playmate practically vibrating with anticipation is delicious. The fear and desire radiates off them, paralyzing them at times. Some may be resistant, clinging to the momentary paralysis of anticipation to grasp at any last shred of control they may have before I speak my first order. Experienced players try on masks to cope with … Continue reading Thrill Seeking