A Little Fan Service

I've been a busy little shutter bug over the past two months, even taking time to break out my grease paints to clown around. My photography is improving with each shoot, and with a generous gift from an admirer I have purchased a little light set which has been a game changer. Now that I … Continue reading A Little Fan Service


Day In, Day Out: Progress Report

Along with my Etsy store launch, I have been busy working on Patreon eclusive content and incentives while prepping for the public launch of my strictly kinky twitter account, @MayIMissMasters, to promote my upcoming erotica and D/s activity ebooks I have been welcoming spring with gardening, getting back to the gym on a regular basis … Continue reading Day In, Day Out: Progress Report

“Make My Wife A Dom”

When I was actively running my dungeon I was asked, in person and via email, by BDSM-inclined men how to make their usually vanilla monogamous wives or girlfriends of some years to dominate them in 24/7 D/s or similar D/s lifestyle relationship models. When I declined they were often bewildered that I didn't think my intervention would transform their … Continue reading “Make My Wife A Dom”

Thrill Seeking

Watching a playmate┬ápractically vibrating with anticipation is delicious. The fear and desire radiates off them, paralyzing them at times. Some may be resistant, clinging to the momentary paralysis of anticipation to grasp at any last shred of control they may have before I speak my first order. Experienced players try on masks to cope with … Continue reading Thrill Seeking