Expressions (2014)

​Sitting back to observe people has long been a habit of mine. Only in recent years have I become more interactive, playing with the bodies and minds of willing participants as I entertained them and myself. When I was a teen I would watch people for hours, studying faces, expressions, emotions illustrated by postures and … Continue reading Expressions (2014)



A few years ago, I saw a cruiser bicycle crusted in yellow house paint chained to the fence of a consignment shop in Portland, marked as a new arrival. Usually I shop around and bite my nails over choices before making a purchase, this however was love at first sight. A few questions and $20 … Continue reading Lulu

December 17th

One summer in my teens I was hiking with my father on the Jardine Juniper Trail in Utah. Our conversation had shifted from river rafting to my favorite episodes of Unsolved Mysteries when my dad brought up The Green River Killer, the moniker of Gary Ridgeway, the serial killer I had heard of on the news … Continue reading December 17th

Being A Body (Extended)

There have been times in my life where my relationship with my body was perfunctory at best, willfully ignoring it outside of immediate needs, either from body shame or something like a sort of paralysis of indecision from conflicting messages in the environments I lived in. In my hometown in Utah,the feminine ideal was typically … Continue reading Being A Body (Extended)