Expressions (2014)

Sitting back to observe people has long been a habit of mine. Only in recent years have I become more interactive, playing with the bodies and minds of willing participants as I entertained them and myself. When I was a teen I would watch people for hours, studying faces, expressions, emotions illustrated by postures and the many facial contortions that communicate wide eyed surprised, mischievous intent or silent dismay. I would draw them, paint them, write about them. Now in a way I make them. When I play I am able to indulge my need to not only watch, but actively tap into the feelings and desires that long to be expressed, so strong under the surface of every subject I have met.  I find myself hungry to see these emotions written across the faces and bodies of my subjects.

What sticks with me long after a scene is over are the expressions I saw and had a hand in creating. A blond I had the pleasure of modelling with had practically wagged with excitement while negotiating puppy play. Another trying to suffer quietly bit his lips, closing his eyes tight while I tweaked and slapped his overstimulated nipples. The way a subject would wrinkle his nose every time slapped his cheek. Glazed half closed blue eyes staring at me out of a hood while I leaned in closer, opening their obedient mouth.  I love these looks, positively crave seeing these faces, being a part of it. To witness someone drawn out of the ruts of every day life, their cares put away just to be brought into their body,  into the moment we have created brings me a kind of pleasure I have not found any other way.