(Not Yet) In The Flesh

Many of my admirers and devotees, past and present, are dying to know when I will open a dungeon again and accept real time session requests. I’m beginning to feel like the love child of a broken record and the magic 8-Ball answer “unclear, ask later.” answering  individual inquiry after inquiry, when I don’t have a solid answer.

I closed my dungeon in early 2016 due to a repetetive motion injury,  which I’ve mentioned a couple of times already in my blog. TL;DR, my knee is not quite healed and I’m still working on some other related mobility issues. My balance and gait, while improving, aren’t to a point of functionality where I feel confident in indulging any in person requests, which can require I do anything from sit in prolonged stretched out or tense positions( foot worship isn’t all lounging and eating bonbons while I proffer my foot.) to kicking and kneeing for ball busting sessions and last but not least, lifting and shifting bound subjects. Some of my recovery involves chiropractic care and physical therapy, which I have to pay out of pocket after running through my covered sessions months ago. Your support and engagement with my online presence has not only helped me make a few small equipment upgrades but also allows me to access the care my body needs to get me back to kicking ass in the flesh… Eventually.


Clown Transformation ShowOct 27th10PM- 12AM PST

In other news, I have finished two of three activity workbooks I have been talking about for nearly a year. Once I finish a few shoots for companion photo sets I will be releasing them on NiteFlirt and IndieBill. This month I have been hard at work, clowning around for shoots now available on Niteflirt and preparing for a transformation show on Chaturbate, coming up on October 27th. I am still working out some audio recording kinks, but you can have a listen at my first reading of “One Fist or Two?” on Patreon until I table it in November due to their recent site changes.