A Little Fan Service


I’ve been a busy little shutter bug over the past two months, even taking time to break out my grease paints to clown around. My photography is improving with each shoot, and with a generous gift from an admirer I have purchased a little light set which has been a game changer. Now that I am no longer at the mercy of the weather for lighting, I have been slowly working my way through reshooting sets for my Etsy shop.


Photos are piling up and my exhibitionistic side is constantly itching to share so I’ve been channeling this desire into creating a handful of digital photo books and an exclusive feed through OnlyFans.com. If you follow along on social media, you know I’ve made a few changes to my look, and my time in the sun has my freckles absolutely popping, giving me plenty of excuses to get in front of my camera.




Another thing I have been playing with is chatting one on one with my admirers through Phrendly, a few coming from my social media followers as well as meeting some interesting individuals through the site. It’s not a dating site, in spite of it’s flirting centric marketing, but more of a hybrid chat site that allows you some anonymity. So far I’ve had a blast talking about anything from my upcoming shoots, current playlists to mutual kinks and  DIY interests.