Catching Up

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I admit I have been neglecting the blog lately. I find myself wound up tight in writing 7-day activity ebooks, fighting the urge to run off on the many tangents that beckon to me as I write. I was not prepared for this aspect of  this writing venture, but I have been able to turn it to my advantage by taking notes and finding ways to work the many tangents  into future ebook concepts.

Between writing and working on mundane everyday things, I have been doing more shoots. The return of mostly sunny days has done me quite a few favors as far as lighting goes, but I’ve made a few advancements with my own improvised lighting equipment. I have a few shoots planned for June and July, you can find my favorites from my sets on my social media.

I want to thank all of you for following along so faithfully and for your patience with my learning and writing process. I will be dropping my usual weekly schedule for blog updates until September, adding new posts only occasionally through the summer months. In August I will be taking the month off from posting before I resume my weekly posting schedule the first of September.