Day In, Day Out: Progress Report

Along with my Etsy store launch, I have been busy working on Patreon eclusive content and incentives while prepping for the public launch of my strictly kinky twitter account, @MayIMissMasters, to promote my upcoming erotica and D/s activity ebooks I have been welcoming spring with gardening, getting back to the gym on a regular basis and giving my craft space little upgrades as I work towards my goals of self publishing, bettering my photography and maintaining a consistent content feed for my budding audience.


I’ve been sharing little updates on my social media that will figure into a shoot I plan to execute in early May featuring one of my handmade collars and a new costume. Last weekend I was on a family outing to Alki Beach, when we stopped to browse through a Goodwill on our way home. My toddler and I came out ecstatic having found our heart’s desires in the form of tracks for their race cars and a massive bolt of fabric for me. while I am not even three months out from swearing to try to work with only what I have in my stash as far as fabric is concerned, but I couldn’t talk myself out of the versatility of yards upon yards of white muslin.



Yesterday I was planning on a surprise live broadcast of crafting and casual conversation on Instagram when my plans were foiled by another DIY minded person, my neighbor and their saw. Instead I binged true crime podcasts while I pressed and stitched away at my new drapes for photo backdrops, documenting my progress on Twitter and Instagram until all I had left to do was a final steam and hem length adjustment.

Next I will be making a fantasy lingerie set to serve as a costume for a shoot I have been planning for a month now. I plan on cutting and pinning this weekend, hopefully succeeding in sharing a live broadcast while I work. If you want to follow along as I meet my goals, I strongly recommend following my social media.