To See Where I’m Going


I’ve been sharing memories and other tidbits for a while now and if it seems a bit muddled, it’s because I have been muddled too. I have been wanting to get back in the pro domination saddle since checking out of my last round of physical therapy, but fear is holding me back. I’m afraid I will bench myself again or have to limit myself so much from the physical demands that contributed to my knee injury in the first place that I might lose my passion and drive. To address those fears I’ve been constantly thinking of and testing ways to work with and around my limitations while I continue to recover the strength and stamina I lost.

Getting from point A to point Dominatrix again isn’t something I can neatly break down into one or two to-do lists to accomplish. My treatment and recovery for my knee did not go as predicted, and even with letting go of my dungeon and making major lifestyle adjustments, I’m nowhere near ready to open a dungeon again, so I’ve turned to crafting and writing when I can find or make the time. From an outside perspective it can look like I’m at a stage where I could begin to make an exit from sex work as a career. I want to dive back in. I’m not ready to trade the creative and survival benefits I gain from the flexibility of the work for the blanket social acceptance and predictability of a mainstream job or career (it gets way more complicated the more we unpack but this post is not that personal essay).

I mentioned on Instagram I recently learned to drive which will open up more doors to networking with locals and accomplish my goals, including making myself available as a fetish model again. I still have to work out one or two logistical kinks before I can get up and go anytime I want, but I have my fingers crossed for this summer. Progress like this is incredibly exciting and a terrible test of patience.

This month I launched an etsy store for the collars and jewelry I have been making over the fall and winter months. I intend to expand it over this year to other small handmade items, some kinky and some less so. While I let the launch and crash course in shooting myself for listing photos with my phone pretty much eat my brain, I will be switching gears as May approaches.

In April I will be bringing my focus back to writing to meet my goal of releasing a domestic service activity ebook and samples of the, mostly erotic, writing I have planned for this year and next. This will included filling out my rather sparse Patreon page and prepping for the launch of my professional D/s centric twitter account, @MayIMissMasters. My patreon page isn’t the only way you can show your appreciation and encourage my efforts. Simply engaging with me helps me take another step to reaching my goals. Let me know what you loved reading so far, what you think is milk toast, what you’re dying to know about me, my goals or my experiences.


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