When Words Fail Me

Writing can be cyclical for me, when I feel energized or otherwise motivated it can seem that words flow generously and with ease. The flow inevitably becomes exhausted when I’ve expressed a deluge of thoughts and arranged them in a way that makes sense. I become impatient with the ebbing tide of inspiration. Sometimes I try to force it, deleting at least half as many words as I manage to put down. I’ve been through these phases so many times you’d think I would have the rhythm down long ago and be more forgiving of myself when my writing trickles weakly out for a week or two. It has only been as recent as last year that I have redirected my frustration with my writing phases into focusing on my other creative pursuits. I’ve set aside lingerie for the moment (so I don’t go on an elastic-inspired murder spree) and have been making hand-stitched beaded necklaces and ornamental collars. Beading fits into the ebb and flow of writing, giving me the satisfaction of creating something for others to enjoy and sometimes inspiring me when I think about the purpose of the pieces I create.


I will be launching an Etsy shop by the end of February with several of my finished pieces. If you’d like to see my works in progress you can follow along on Instagram.