Of Service

Often I am approached by hopefuls offering their “service” as sexual slaves or objects. Even now when I have not actively been looking for anyone to serve me.While getting off on demand and without much effort on my part sounds nice, once I’ve come, the dishes still need washed and I want my potted patio garden rotated, weeded and watered before the day is out, and l want a hand planning a deep clean of the kitchen. I’m sure you can see how service submissive functioning only as a sex or (insert any singular fetish) slave just isn’t that useful to me compared to my magic wand vibrator and my active imagination. When I am actively seeking domestic service, I end up deleting the majority of correspondence without replying because I invariably get a fresh crop of fetishists hoping I have time and energy to spend on a single purpose “slave”, or at least indulging the idea of one via private message. However, I have met some wonderful service oriented submissives amidst all the chaff.
In the past my domestic service submissives have taken on roles somewhere between housekeeper and personal assistant. I have had few get beyond executing basic household chores and delivering my morning coffee on their service days, but those that showed their commitment became quite close. For us, the service wasn’t overtly sexual and not merely reward centered , though we did make time for play. Much like the rituals I engaged with my one and only Adult Baby Diaper Lover, the routines we shared created a space for us to be present with one another, and shed the mundane anxieties of daily life to focus on the tasks at hand to nourish our inner selves. To take pride in ourselves and receive recognition from one another.
In 2012 to 2014 I lived in a rather large and maze like home where I ran my dungeon under another name. I  had a rotating group of domestic service submissives helping around the house and yard. While it can sound like a BDSM Dream Manor scenario, l and my subs had to work around our respective jobs, home and social relationships and community or church obligations. I have some introverted tendencies and I prefer my subs to maintain a balanced personal life, so I allowed for quite a bit of flexibility as far as how often we would see each other. This meant sometimes I wouldn’t see one or two for a month or more. Others were able to work a weekly routine into their schedules and we’re quite helpful in running my dungeon smoothly, assisting in scene set up and tear down, and maintaining my equipment and last-minute supply runs.
I had routines with each, regardless of how often they served. One revolved around my cavernous master bathroom(roughly the size of a single bedroom apartment) and the bathtub I would gladly live in given unlimited hot water, bath bombs and tea. I would oversee scrubbing, sweeping, mopping and polishing until every fixture gleamed, every surface shone like a mirror. Then I would have my bath drawn, tea served while I soaked and my sub would read to me or we would talk, while they rested from the cleaning frenzy.

Unfortunately, the owner ultimately declined my household’s offer on the house, so I moved my dungeon to an apartment during my pregnancy at the same time my poly household had to move to our new home. Having to separate kink from my home life with the new addition of a child, I still managed to enjoy my relationships with a few service submissives who would tend to my dungeon. They saved me a lot of back ache and worry with all the chaos of setting up a new home and a new dungeon and I am forever grateful. In early 2016 I had to cut ties with my service submissives along with packing up my gear and letting the dungeon apartment go when I benched myself with a knee injury.

Former clients and subs have reached out occasionally asking me to let them know if or when I’m coming back. I cannot give a solid answer because my recovery isn’t to a point where I feel comfortable with my old activity level of lifting and prancing in sky scraping heels and I have a lot of variables in my life to consider should I choose to make a comeback as a dominatrix and Domme for personal submissives. I do miss it, which feels like an incredible understatement, but I try to find outlets for my desires, aside from my life partner stepping up and switching like a boss. I have been trying to focus more on my writing and how I might reach out to potential submissives while I cannot do realtime domination, and cannot cam or produce clips from home. I have been toying with ideas of correspondence courses, email exchange programs, activity ebooks, erotica and perhaps audio files of me reading my works. I am hoping by May of this year to share some of this content I’ve had brewing on my back burners and make myself available to be served in some capacity to continue to expand and nourish the inner selves of my old acquaintances and the ones to come.