A Natural Kink

I have always been very ticklish, avoiding having my ribs, feet and armpits touched for years because of how intense the sensation can be for me. In my first year of exploring BDSM and my sexuality, a woman I played with opened the door to many kinks, including bondage, strap-on dildos and fisting, as I’ve mentioned before. I had stopped shaving my armpits during a hippie phase and found I liked how I looked with a bit of fuzz, keeping it to this day.  My playmate liked it too, gently petting it every chance she got.
At first I used to squirm away, giggling, but I slowly began to enjoy the attention paid to my armpits. Her soft fingertips would gently brush my skin, the warmth of her touch soothing me. I loved the small purrs she would make when she nuzzled her face in my armpit after a bath, or while cuddling in her bed. Once I could get past the initial tickle of being touched the sensation would begin to turn me on. My own interest in armpits grew. Catching a glimpse of my playmate’s armpits was like getting a preview of what lie under her panties. Her own responses to being touched and kissed reinforced my curiosity and desire. Over the years lovers and subjects have expressed surprise and joy in finding my armpits unshaven as nature intended. I enjoy the attention and intimacy as one kneels to rest their face against my side and stroke the small patch of hair inhaling deeply.