Working With What I Have

I’ve always had my hands in multiple proverbial, and sometimes actual, pots. An avid self-learner in the realm of BDSM and other arts, I’ve found myself studying in every spare moment I could find to expand my skillsets. Often one or more parts of the Time-Money-Energy-Transportation Equation just isn’t adding up to be able to attend as many workshops and courses as I would like, so I rely heavily on the internet and my library card. In moments of waiting I can be found reading, listening to audio books, podcasts and webinars, practicing new crafts and relearning skills I have neglected in favor of others. When I take a day to myself it is usually spent holed up in my work room trying to knock out a pile of unfinished projects, experimenting in my kitchen or cramming as much information I can find on a new subject.

One medium that has always drawn me in is fashion. Growing up I watched my mother work on commission sewing confirmation dresses, baptism and blessing gowns for infants, and the many frilly Daisy Kingdom dresses she loved to see me wear when I was small. It seemed like magic, watching her take lengths of fabric and trims and make such adorable creations. I would take scraps and drape them on my dolls, and tried to stitch together fancy gowns, but mostly succeeded in making tangled messes. Not much changed when I took a sewing course in middle school, so proud of my mangled excuse for a crib quilt.

My mother gave me a sewing machine last year as a sort of apology for being impatient with my clumsy attempts at sewing in my teens. Between blogs, Youtube and text Q & A with my mom, I’ve come a long way from having no clue why I kept jamming machines with thread to feeling confident with delicate or “hard to handle” materials like satin, 2 way stretch fabrics and velvets.

Prior to having a reliable sewing machine, I would stitch by hand to alter clothing and hoard fabric with the hopes I would one day have my own machine. I’m a sucker for remnants, and a few pieces of fabric in my stash I have held onto for seven years, through two different periods of homelessness and several moves. I still pick through remnants in fabric and thrift stores which has fed into my stashing latex remnants and a subscription to Elastica Engineering’s newsletter for clearance deals. In 2013 I started playing with latex, buying scraps to practice repair and applique techniques evolving into buying adhesive by the gallon and studying pattern drafting with my morning coffee.

Now, I am not much of a fan of new year’s resolutions, but I do love a good set of workable goals. I have been taking stock of my various crafting stashes and examining why I wanted to keep the items I have collected and my intentions for their use then and now. My new goals for my crafting hoard are as follows:


Make More Lingerie:

I have always wanted to learn to make lingerie so I wouldn’t feel so completely at the mercy of ever-changing trends. I have already tried my hand at a basic bra, french knicker and panty set. I want to expand to other styles and items like sexy sleep and lounge wear and foundation garments, including corsets.


Learn to Make My Own Bags:

I can’t stand shopping for purses, wallets and tote bags.  I love having a virtual black hole of a bag on my arm, I hate having to dig through a chaotic jumble of contents. Two years of life with a diaper bag has only reinforced these feelings. Finding one that meets my needs is a never ending battle and I usually end up making snap-in pockets or pouches for the bags I buy anyway. My solution is to make my own bags, sized to hold my overnight travel, play, and everyday essentials. Making structured bags will be a different kettle of fish from the flat lined pouches I’m used to, but I look forward to the challenge.


Make something, anything, with my sheet latex remnants:

After making an infinity dress winter of 2013, I stopped tailoring latex to avoid adhesive and thinner fume exposure during my pregnancy in 2014. After I had my baby, I haven’t made anything outside of some ruffled chokers for clown costumes. I still have a couple yards of the same blue latex my infinity dress was made of, and some thicker baby pink that is just begging to be made into a body suit. This along with my other remnants could make a few more staple items in my modestly growing latex wardrobe.


I plan on updating once or twice a month on this blog with my progress in meeting my goals. I will also be sharing work in progress shots on Twitter and Instagram, so you can watch my piles of material transform.