Medical Mindfuck

It seems my kinks creep inside my mind from the pages of the novels and comics I love most. Even now I turn to fantasy, science fiction and horror for inspiration and to set a mood. Japanese horror has a special place in my heart, especially the popularity of abject horror in the books I find. Here I would like to share one of the stories that helped define some of my kinks.

Ten years ago my brother recommended the books Ring(Ringu), Spiral and Loop by Suzuki Koji after I had expressed my disgust for the American versions of the Ring horror films. I took his advice after being thoroughly assured the books were far different from a ghost story the movies made of it. Ring hooked me as soon as I opened it. The writing was incredibly sensual, details of sights, textures and smells would trap you into reading page after page. I found it difficult to put down, even when I’d find myself alone and very creeped out.

One scene from Ring that stood out in my mind was an autopsy. Each sentence allowed your mind to trace down the torso of the deceased, from just under the collarbones to his pubis. The description gave a feeling of intimacy and trespass as the narrative showed you the deceased: Cut open and examined piece by piece as only so many hunks of meat at anyone’s most vulnerable and objectified moment, no defense from invasion and judgment.

Rereading the series periodically made me wonder how I could make someone feel so exposed in scene. This created fantasies of mind fucks that I’d turn to when my thoughts wandered before sleep or in a class. Moments waiting in line for coffee were spent turning over the pros and cons of  toys I might use to create the sensations I wanted my “victim” to think they were feeling. I guess it just goes to show I love a book that gets me thinking.