Are You A Brat?

Sometimes brats get a bad rap, being mislabeled as ill-suited for submission, and, sometimes rightly, labeled smart-assed masochists. I think brats make just fine submissives since being a brat doesn’t necessarily make you a better or worse player. With proper negotiation just like you would with any other scene, your identity as a brat player can be a wonderful outlet… But how do you know if you are a brat or like to play with brats?

Oh, you’ll know. In my experience, being a brat myself on occasion, brat players often play well together because it takes one to know one. Bratty tops and bottoms know how to push and when to give in, when to instigate and when to ignore. The back and forth dance of a well-matched pair of brat top and bottom can make for a wildly fun romp in the dungeon and help exorcise some of your more mischievous and obstinate urges.

Brats will manifest their identity in all sorts of ways, though a popular theme includes age play, like naughty children, or pets like the ever popular spoiled kitty. So if you think you’d like to try brat play, do a little pondering over your fantasies and impulses when you play to pick out which bratty behaviors you actually like, rather than passive aggressive or problem behaviors (which need to be identified as well so you can keep a handle on them and continue to play well with others), then negotiate with your partners and experiment away!