Liberator Round Up Review

I have had the pleasure of test driving and owning a few of Liberator‘s products such as their classic Wedges and Ramps, Zeppelin pod, Obeir Spanking Bench and The Black Label Esse Chaise. I have even chosen to furnish my dungeon with a charcoal gray Chaise, which held a prominent position as my most versatile and heavily used furnishing of all time. As much as Liberator is known for being The sex furniture manufacturer, I have found their products have a variety of everyday uses and often pervert my sex gear for mundane tasks.

Ramps and Wedges:

I do not own any of Liberator’s wedges or ramps, but I have had the pleasure of reclining in a variety of interesting positions on a ramp/wedge combo over the years and I find them to be quite comfortable for casual lounging and straight forward in their intended uses. When it comes to storage they can be a bit bulky, which is what ultimately turned me off purchasing my own ramps for my dungeon or home. If you have mated pieces you can easily nest them under a bed, on a closet shelf or in a trunk, but they will require dedicated space since they are more than a glorified throw pillow.


I had a good friend who would have her house guests crash on her Zeppelin in her living room if her guest room was already full. If you were staying the night on the Zeppelin it was up to you to knead this enormous pod into the right consistency for sleeping, or sex if you thought you were being sneaky. Spoiler: You can’t be sneaky because you can hear the filling slipping around inside the lining like leaves brushing the rain fly of a tent.

The zeppelin is, as you might already suspect, just a rather large bean bag that takes up a lot of space. The microfiber covers pick up pet hair and dust easily, which equates to more upkeep than a goth cat lady’s sweater collection and requires serious hands on shaking out to be comfortable. With regular use you will find yourself flipping and kneading it before hopping on since the memory foam pieces will be compressed down into body-contouring lumps from the previous use.

I’m not a fan of being literally fucked into my furniture. I like having space and I like being able to move my sex furnishings without the help of two grown men. I hate lint rollers. So I don’t own a Zeppelin and don’t plan to. I do think it has potential uses, I imagine it would be great for large pet players, such as sturdy dog types that like to dig around in their bedding.  I could see the Zeppelin working out well in a dream kennel in a commercial dungeon or kinky bed and breakfast.

Obeir Spanking Bench:


My biggest disappointment with all the products I have tried has been the Obeir Spanking Bench. I was hoping it would be a more sturdy furnishing, with a density to hold up at least a two hundred pound person, but it crumples under my play partners like a pillow. This so-called bench does not offer much stability and is so light weight you could tip it over with a sneeze.

The position guide on the Spanking Bench page seems like a bit of a joke since most positions would end with the receiving partner flat on their face. Perching atop the “bench” would have you sinking a few inches into the foam, and at serious risk tipping over with a careless thrust. I can’t imagine rough sex working out well on the Obeir unless securely anchored to the floor. One of the few perks I can think of is  doggy-style support for longer legged partners as an alternative to the Plus Sized Ramp. Eve Minax gets into many of the drawbacks of the Obeir Spanking Bench, with her review and photo illustration of just how awkward this little block of memory foam can be.



Esse Black Label Chaise:


Not to be confused with the slightly larger Esse models, the Chaise is the compact sister product.As I mentioned before, it has been the star of my dungeon furnishings since the day it arrived on my doorstep. I consider it a worthy investment as far as dungeon or sex furnishings are concerned, and I am constantly thinking of ways to use it for play and recording clips. The dense memory foam is supportive to the point I can kneel or stand on the foot or head with little risk of tipping, and I admit I’ve used it to hang curtain rods in my dungeon to save myself a trip to my utility closet for a step-ladder.

As a petite person, the Chaise fits my body well and I enjoy it for lounging with my laptop or phone when I am not using it for its intended purposes. I found the vinyl cover I chose cut down on the overall dust and lint cling I encountered with Liberator’s usual covers, while the microfiber base gripped my dungeon area rug through the roughest of scenes. I did not experience much slipping around on tile, linoleum or hardwood floor with my chaise which made it very useful for doing scenes in various rooms of my home when I opened my first dungeon.



This review is not sponsored by Liberator or other retailers and is solely based off personal experience.