The Making of a Harlot

I recently released the product of months of planning and crafting: A twenty minute long fantasy clip taking place in a theater's dressing room, where a harlot turns the screws she knows too well in the heart of her wealthy and foolish benefactor. "Your Harlot Will Have More" is more than a role playing clip … Continue reading The Making of a Harlot


Seeing and Being Seen

  Every photographer leaves a touch of their perception of the model in a photo. Even when the shoot is executed to share the model's vision, the photographer's view is always present. In a year of shooting my own photos I had forgotten what a joy it can be to see myself how others see … Continue reading Seeing and Being Seen

Expressions (2014)

​Sitting back to observe people has long been a habit of mine. Only in recent years have I become more interactive, playing with the bodies and minds of willing participants as I entertained them and myself. When I was a teen I would watch people for hours, studying faces, expressions, emotions illustrated by postures and … Continue reading Expressions (2014)

Foot Fetish Fall Announcement

With winter approaching and temperatures dropping, nylons, leggings, leather, latex and boots are coming out of storage and taking up prominent place in my closet, and in my furture photo shoots. I've noticed an emerging theme with my shoots since the Autumn Equinox, I have been favoring foot centric sets. Rather than resist I'll go … Continue reading Foot Fetish Fall Announcement

(Not Yet) In The Flesh

Many of my admirers and devotees, past and present, are dying to know when I will open a dungeon again and accept real time session requests. I'm beginning to feel like the love child of a broken record and the magic 8-Ball answer "unclear, ask later." answering  individual inquiry after inquiry, when I don't have … Continue reading (Not Yet) In The Flesh

A Little Fan Service

I've been a busy little shutter bug over the past two months, even taking time to break out my grease paints to clown around. My photography is improving with each shoot, and with a generous gift from an admirer I have purchased a little light set which has been a game changer. Now that I … Continue reading A Little Fan Service